Beam Bloggers Webring

If you have a blog that regularly covers Elixir, Erlang, the BEAM or any related topics do join the webring.

Aleksei Matiushkin

Born on October 0th. More functional than object-oriented. Maintainer of (

Sophie DeBenedetto

Sophie is engineer currently writing code for GitHub, as well as a maintainer of Elixir School and a host of the Elixir Mix podcast View her cute dog

Steven Nunez

Elixir code slinger at Flatiron School engineering. Poisoning the minds of the youth with functional programming.

Alex Koutmos

Alex is a Senior Software Engineer who writes backends in Elixir, frontends in VueJS and deploys his apps using Kubernetes. He is also a panelist on the Elixir Mix podcast ( and maintains several Open Source packages on Hex (

Sayan Chakraborty

Sayan is a Senior Software Engineer and incoming Brown University graduate student in CS. He loves writing about Elixir/Erlang, distributed systems and engineering experiences.

Aru Sahni

Aru is a DC-area developer (and Vim-thusiast) who enjoys playing on all parts of the stack. He has recently picked up Elixir, and is blogging about his experiences.


Creator of the Beam Blogger Webring. Elixir consultant with too much enthusiasm.